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Re: Will 2020 be better for me?

In your previous SR you said you had a difficult year.
Jupiter is called a "benefic" but expands all it touches (negativity also).

All your planets are below the horizon, so I guess it will be a "private year"..

This year I had SR Mercury and Sun in 4th house. + a cancer ascendant
It was a year about building emotionnal security, mainly. (I had to let go a lot of fears and bad emotions linked to my past, my imagination, etc..). Mercury was in an emotional position in 4th house (not so easy for me, because I'm a virgo sun and moon).

Of course Mercury can also deals with home or family here.

Sun in 5th house seems a nice placement.
It could plays out in different ways.. Creativity, self expression, romance, childs, sexuality, fun, entertainment, new hobbies..
Neptune in 5th.. increase creativity, expression of a kind of spirituality, dissolution of some "ego (sun) negative traits" (with chiron if he plays out in a good way)..
Or a kind of confusion in the 5th house (ego, things you enjoy, romance, self expression, etc..)

Your SR ASC oppose Venus, so, relationships (or how you see it) could be an important theme of this year. Because Scorpio is a water sign, moon a water planet and doesn't like to be in scorpio, I guess you'll have to deal with relationships matters, from an emotional point of view. (like learning to trust people more, or quit affective dependancies, things like that..).
(Venus could represent peoples but also something you value, your desires)

Scorpio ASC want to protect himself to not be vulnerable. You'll want to take care of yourself and listen to your emotions/instinct (moon in 1st house). This placement can also represent needs linked to children, or other creations/project growth (because Moon protect things that takes time to grow, things you feed with your emotions, and you care for)

Venus conjunct Uranus could represent "falling in love quickly".. or quick relationship.
ASC opposing Uranus "Need of freedom, to follow your instinct and be more independant". Could create quick changes in relationships.

So, independance, relations with people or something, emotional security or home + 5th house could be important things of this year
3rd houses placements could represents new knowledge, intellectual things, or siblings/neighborhood

I have probably made mistakes because I don't have a lot of experience with SR chart reading. So, don't take it all too seriously.
(and try to look at it with your natal chart for more accuracy)

Wishing you a good year!

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