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Re: Worried about today's transits

Originally Posted by ShanaLeeLMT View Post
Has anyone else looked at the transits/progressions/natal comparison for Barack Obama today at 3:50pm in Tucson.

I'm not one who believes in living in a fear based reality but I find it worrisome.

Will someone with more horary experience than I (which really isn't saying much) please help explore these with me and allay my fears.

love & light

[moved from horary to celebrity as question relates to a natal celebrity chart]

He is still here isnt he!! THere are always those plotting his downfall I imagine. Remember that the transits have to have the natal planets in aspect to be triggered off. If you were worried about assassination then we have to look at his Pluto, the 7th of the general public, the 1st of the immediate surrounds and much else.
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