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Exclamation Re: Worried about today's transits

specifically the grand square happening shortly after his arrival made up of:
the transiting ascendant
the jupiter/uranus conjunction
south node
south node/asc conjunction

the current north node/pluto conjunction sextiling the natal north node

the loose transiting sun/ natal saturn conjunction

his progressed Saturn/Jupiter return squaring neptune

The transiting chiron / (natal north node/progressed venus conjnction) opposition

There are apparently 2 Star of David formations if you are very liberal with the orbs:
natal jupiter 0 aquarius, progressed ascendant 5 aquarius
transiting venus 5 sagittarius
progressed sun 0 libra, transiting p.o.f. 4 libra
natal mercury 1 leo
natal moon 1 gemini
dissociate 27/28 pisces transiting jupiter uranus conjunction

appx 27 deg Libra is the only piece missing from a including:
transiting moon 27 aries, transiting ascendant 29 gemini
progressed venus 29 leo / natal uranus 25 leo, transiting mercury 29 Sag
transiting neptune / chiron 27/28 aquarius
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