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I know that this response is old but I just had to agree with you and put this out into the universe.

I have lilth in my 9th house. I look nothing like my immediate family, or even my culture as a whole. I'm very pale skinned, blue eyes brown hair. I'm Assyrian -middle eastern christian- my nationality is known to be olive skinned, brown eyes, black/brown hair.

I am in enigma in my family and whenever I meet family who I haven't been introduced to,they meet me I can hear them ask each other in Assyrian "who is that girl why is she here" not knowing I can understand them.

This is the only explanation I've seen where this is even addressed. I love this forum. I had to respond.

Some of my aspects are:
Uranus Quincunx Lilith

Lilith Trine Ascendant

Venus Opposition Lilith


Originally Posted by Riles View Post
Huh, that is an interesting point. I'm not short by general standards (I'm around 5'6"), but in my family I am one of the shortest (only my grandmother and one aunt who married in are shorter, other than the little kids, of course, but most of the teenagers are already taller than I am). When I'm at my mom's house and her husband, his kids, and my brother are there, I feel like a Lilliputian. I'm also small-boned, while most of them are medium boned or big boned.

I don't know if this is true for anyone else, but my hair color is also a lot darker than that of my family members (almost black). Lilith does mean "belonging to the night". It doesn't have to be hair color necessarily, but maybe some aspect of yourself is noticeably darker than those in your family. My personality is also quite a bit darker than anyone else in my family...I'm a bit strange by comparison. I've generally attributed this to my Scorpio which is streaked with Uranus, but perhaps there's some Lilith influence here, as well.

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