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Smile Re: the common origin of the words saturn and satan (and other christian mistakes)

Originally Posted by antago View Post
Sorry to dig up an old post, but personally I view threads as unending streams of possibility & knowledge. Hopefully this board welcomes this.


Mmm. I don't like where you're going with this. It sounds like you are trying to numb yourself to reality with the idea that all things, spirits, and people are good. We know this to be untrue.

This is very common, especially to a people who are trying to combat religion but who do not understand reality. Also, there is a temptation within many people living within privilege to numb themselves to reality by concluding, "Everything is just this and that," trying to remove consciousness & wicked intentions in order to feel safer.

There is definitely such a thing as evil, and it has been my life study (not willingly). Evil is a very, very, very real thing.

Pan mave have represented Saturn; fine. I myself have drawn this symbology. However, Saturn is more than just a planet and an astrological idea.

There are very real superconscious deities on this planet. Saturn is also associated with the Grim Reaper. There are many kinds of evil, and it is robbery to teach that evil & exploits do not exist, or that it is "oppressive goodness" that is causing it, so "we just need more moneys and more freedoms then everyone will be happy and I will have done my job".

Sometimes freedom is not what you need. It has become a democratic sales pitch to its own citizens to indoctrinate them into indulging down an insatiable quest to "liberate themselves".

In this sense, you are unconsciously over-simplifying and committing a reckless transference. "I will run away from the devil of wisdom to combat the idea that a devil exists". It's paradoxical, and using denial isn't going to change the situation nor the math of reality.

Mmm, Jesus wasn't "just some nice guy". There is more to it than that, although your entire renunciation of belief is apparent but disguised by some pseudo form of eureka indirectly reminding us "not to kill your buzz because it's fun". It isn't fun, and it isn't constructive.

Satan represents a force of destruction & exploitation that is very real in the world, and it is a very real collective consciousness with unhealthy degrees of unconsciousness. It is a real spirit of death.

Adversity isn't a good thing, and evil is real. It wasn't just some scam "to burn those poor witches, alchemists, and astrologers", although at times it was. There is such a thing as evil witchcraft and it's far more abundant and disguised than you even realize—and they shouldn't be allowed to live, although people like you want to create a world "where everyone can co-exist peacefully", which is like saying that "we should just let Jeffrey Dahmer roam free because don't understand that he just gets aggressive sometimes and doesn't care much about human life".

Interesting to note; however, temptation is not okay. Overcoming a little bit of it can most certainly illuminate who you are, however temptation is not done to make you a better person. Temptation is created literally by people who don't love you; they want to tempt you into hating yourself, using each other, eroding your self-worth, giving into pleasures so you can be used, and all sorts of rotten behaviors that are not coming from superiorly wise people conducting a safe test to enlighten & strengthen you.

No, temptation is an art of exploitation with very real, dramatic, negative results and countless victims; those conducting the test do not pull away and say, "You failed." No, they mentally & emotionally abuse you, destroy your social world, attack you, take what they want, and remove you to parasite onto the next victim; they create networks of enablers, buy up fortunes & empires, steal people's lives and fortunes & empires, seduce with treachery, hurt, take, take, take, pretend, and hurt more.

They use bad advertising & create self-destructing addictions; they deprave children and bring new ones into the living hell.

I am not sure what planet you are living on, and it is great that you've endured a decent trial thus far, but the world is not just this big playground.

If we don't band together and prevent sociopaths from taking over (and they are far more common than you think, and they give birth to new ones all the time), there will only be at most the illusion of goodness left.

Oh get real. Yes, certain churches were mixing things to enslave; however, evil is real—and trying to make everyone look positive is cowardly. That is, you believe you can't do anything substantial to fix it, and it'd be stressful to try, so you keep stroking your ego by trying to make everything seem like a bowl of peaches.
While not as complicated as many things about Astrology, the Ages aren't as simple as most seem to think they are. The prevailing view is equivalent to a Sun-sign-only description. Even the understanding that the Ages are a measurement of how the Earth itself is acting upon us is usually lacking. One thing that must be accounted for has been noted by many who take a closer look: There's an obvious overlap of Age-signs, which [IMO] must be addressed by the structure of the actual Age-indicator. Also lacking is the understanding that an "Age" is Earth's aggregate effect on everyone's Chart, century after century, not something "beaming down" on us from above.

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