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Re: Completely New Life ?

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
Hi Prince,

we need a horary chart, we don't study your natal charts etc in this part of the forum. Horary chart is made for the time aa question is born in your mind. e.g. my question: "Will I move to Paris next year?" The time now in my location is 11:07 pm Sydney Australia 16th Sept 2019. I use this to calculate the horary chart.

Please just ask one burning question. You can't ask 3 questions for onw horary, unless the questions are somehow related - such as 'will I move to Paris next year if yes, will it be an easy move?'

Hope this helps!
Hi Rafaella,
That makes sense, thank you ! Well the most burning question that I have is will I be getting back together with my ex that lives in Amsterdam ?
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