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Re: Does Neptune be in the 8th house to show that the partner will easily abuse them?

Originally Posted by Scherzy View Post
Is my 2nd home stronger than my 8th?
I'd say they're both more or less equally strong. Your Saturn isn't angular, but it is decently placed by sign and house. If we take it to mean anything about your spouse's finances, I would expect his income to be steady (Taurus), maybe because he's very conscientious about earning and saving. The eleventh house placement suggests, maybe, good long term planning, or income that isn't necessarily high to begin with but increases over the long term, or income gained through group endeavors.

The eleventh house also indicates your own income from your career, because it's the second house from the tenth. I've gathered that you're currently a student. Possibly, when you get a career going, this Saturn/eleventh house placement will describe your income. Whether you marry or not, you can do well enough financially if you manage your income in a Taurean way--conscientiously, with prudent investments and saving.
Originally Posted by Scherzy View Post
I don't want my partner to earn less money for me, since I don't gain so well
If you haven't started your career yet, how do you know how well you really earn?

The DC placement of your second house ruler does suggest income that either comes from a spouse/partner, or that the two of you make together. Maybe you'll start a business with your spouse. Maybe, if you go ahead with your plan to become a lawyer, you'll marry a fellow lawyer, and have a practice together. That would fulfill both your second and your eighth house at once.
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