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Re: Will I get the job?

Originally Posted by gemitau View Post
We were almost 60 people in total, divided in two different groups. So I was in a group of 30 people. When I saw that (I didn't known beforehand how it would be) I remembered the answers here about the No. I felt a total lack of motivation. The offer seems to be aimed to people in a difficult socioeconomical situation, also people with difficulties to find a job (or with no job at all) and functional diversity. I was there because I joined a very unknown program in my university for people who are already graduated and want advice for seeking jobs. I was the only one with that background. In job interviews I try my best to get the job but this time I didn't try anything. I felt it was purposeless! All in all I felt the whole thing was a waste of time.

If I get an answer I will tell you!

I do feel a need to change direction in the job area. I am an audiovisual maker but I need a part time job that gives me money to pay taxes and my training in different artistic disciplines. My actual job is taking too much energy from me for different reasons.

Thank for your interest. It's also a very good example to learn more about horary for me
Aw. I feel bad. ): You should try to ignore any doubters when you really want something, so at least you can say you did everything you could have. No matter what anyone says, next time you want something, put your best foot forward! All the best. I hope you find a job that gives you a healthy life and work balance!
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