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Re: Will I get the job?

Originally Posted by gemitau View Post
It was a group interview starting at 11.45. Here i attach the chart event. Thank you
hello again
so here we have an event chart !!!!! not an horary question.Since we have 10th AS MERCURY (NATURAL SIG FOR BOOKS ALSO)and your asc is also mercury either we have to consider you as moon and the specific interview position as mercury..or we have to give the interview-position the next sign in order which is moon Moon is also peregrine since it has no dignity in leo .Either way moon finds mercury.However mercury here is accidentally debilitated since he is stationary and about to turn retrograde (retrogradation is a strong debility unless we have to return back to finish something that has left uncompleted...etc) .Your academic knowledge as l9=venus has left mercury and entered cancer and is a bit weak since is under the sunbeams also .However is located in an angular house and that helps her to express herself to the outer world...Your l3=mars=your daily communication skills is also under the domicile of sun your radix 12th (your fears, self undoing , hidden enemies.etc..).Sun also can be seen as an authority person in such questions..though here is also with no dignity as peregrine ..and under moon's domicile .He wants moon and exalts jupiter.However i am inclined to think that here sun signifies mostly your fears which hinder your academic knowledge/skills in a way.Venus on Menkalinan, which is unfortunate and decribes also your low self confidence ... etc Usually l7 is considered the interviewer in these Jupiter...a librarian person..and though he has mercury in his detriment receives him from terms.Moon TRANSFERS LIGHT OF mars to MERCURY and then tols TO JUPITER.Also moon sextiles pof
So what do you think about this interview ? did it go well? You said that this was a group interview and mercury as a double sign signifies two or more people also

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