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Re: Will I get the job?

job=l10=a dignified Jupiter though retrograde

moon your coruler finds jupiter's contra-antiskion in less than 2 units.However immediately after that moon opposes saturn i am not really sure if you actually would like the terms of this job. the opposition always have a meaning of regret also...saturn has jupiter in his fall ..though he receives him from terms here...also your pocket as mars recently left his fall from cancer and entered leo wants jupiter .MC on antares a cycle must end in order a new one to begin.Asc on very fortunate stars also.Last but not least the boss of this job sun (job's turned l10) peregrine in cancer in your domicile...or seeing it otherwise your rivals are weak in your domicile ...still this sun has saturn in his detriment.Sun will also oppose saturn .In case you have an interview keep us updated...
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