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Re: Masculine and feminine in astrology

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
A bull's genitals are intact. A castrated bull becomes a steer.
It is a truncated body by Hellenistic accounts, such as in Ptolemy or Valens. It is not an ox, but simply the Bull without its hind parts (there is actually a myth about this).

In Islamic sects that forbid depiction of the human figure, Aquarius is depicted as an urn.
Aquarius is the Water-Pourer. The ''Great Man''. The Arabs always had plenty of human figures, most inherited from the Greeks. So I do not get where you got that (mis?)information. Indians have only a pitcher, but the male figure is implicit, as in Libra.

The goat-fish's lower body is the fish part.
Have you ever seen a human-like male organ on the body of a fish?

Source - Bouché-Leclercq, A. (2014). L'astrologie grecque. Cambridge University Press.

I've not seen any signs portrayed with genital organs but perhaps I'm missing something.
It is really hard to image maidens, scorpions, crabs and fishes to have human-size male organs. The constellations can be just female. If they were male, it would also be hard to tell in amphibians and reptiles unless you know what sexual dimorphism you are looking for. They are also clearly missing from the above pictures. Rams, Lions, Horses and Human Males have clear phallic significance contributing to the birth of males. Here is Sagittarius' from Egypt:

And here from Mesopotamia:

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