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Re: Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part III - Theoretical Considerations

Electional considerations
Originally Posted by petosiris View Post
Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post

Thanks for such a detailed answer! Let's see....
Isn't the sun also operative in the ninth house, and the moon in the third,
since those are their respective houses of joy?
And are you considering house placements by whole sign, or by quadrant house?
That is something I do not exactly understand, but
the third place is inoperative by all accounts in the Hellenistic tradition.
The ninth place was thought operative by some authors
on account of the trine.
Personally, I would avoid these places, but
those cadents are definitely much better than the VI and XII.
I personally consider only whole signs, but I do take factor of the Ascendant, Descendant
and the points in square.
Of course you can do anything you want.
Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post

Which is, of course, absolutely possible to achieve all at once! [Not!]
Seriously, none of the possible dates for these elections allow all those ideal placements
to exist at the same time.
Yes, try to have as much as of them possible.
Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post

What's the domicile ruler of the moon?
Is that the ruler of the sign the moon is in at the moment?
And what's the dodekatemorion of the moon?
Yes, that is the traditional ruler of the sign.
The twelfth-part is the sign within the sign -
Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post

If the moon is neither new nor full, does it matter
whether it's waxing or waning?
I would think waxing would be ideal, especially for a first organizational meeting,
since we want our endeavor to grow, but is that correct?
Yes, waxing is better for almost everything
that does not involve decrease of prices, disbandment
or some kind of destruction.
Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post

Is culminating the same thing as setting, or does it mean something else?
By culminating, I personally mean being present in the tenth sign, and
preferably in close square with the Ascendant.

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post

Sixth house can't be avoided.
We only have one available meeting time, and at this time of year, the sun will always
be in the sixth house at that time, along with everything else that's in Capricorn right now.
So, I guess we're inviting irrational events!
(Does that mean unexpected events, or is "irrational" defined some other way?)
When the Sun, the Moon and the Lot of Fortune are in the sixth and twelfth house,
irrational initiations are born - they do not achieve their specified purpose
or end well.
This is especially true if the signs are also quadrupedal, or
there are angular malefics.
Just the Sun is fine I guess.
In the Hellenistic tradition, events were treated in the same way as nativities,
if this was present in nativities, people with serious congenital defects are born.
You can look at any initiative chart and know what it concerns, and
how it would end, even without being told about it.
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