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Originally Posted by ScorpioStellium View Post

I'm looking to launch a website for my business. I've been a voice actor for close to 20 yrs but this website I'm launching is brand new. My career has suffered a lot the past few years thanks to some difficult transits, eclipses, etc.. but I'm feeling pretty excited about this launch. T. Ura is also about to conj. my MC! (which is rather appropriate)

I really need this to succeed! Any help is greatly appreciated!!
Dear as you already know for such type chart (election chart), for start a new professional business, you need also to see it with your natal (combination). Anyway I will come up with more details because now I have problem with my connection with internet ....
so, here iam again...

When you are dealing with such maps as I said above, that is, with election charts, or chart of choice, you should always look at them in relation to your natal chart.

And, of course, you can not find an ideal day based on the rules demanded in selective astrology. It is very difficult to combine one day and time to have all the benefits you want.
But we always try to have as much as we can. Selective astrology requires too much work. I will refer to the basics as long as it have too many information-details.
Many times the natal chart may be prohibitive at the moment of the beginning we want and of course we can not ignore it

Best horary for creative job / website launch?
Your own start is about doing business. And more specifically by creating a professional website!

In general, the first things we look at in such a map (starting a professional activity) is to have the physical planets on our side in good shape and as long as we can be reinforced by Essential and accintetal dignities.

In all these charts (charts of choice), we always look at the Moon. Be empowered and make good aspects until it leaves the sign that is, and above all, the last aspect first comes out of the sign that is to be harmonious.
Must not never be empty because our efforts will go into the gap.

Of course, we will need a Mercury empowered, an ascendant in the sign of Gemini and Virgo, and of course Uranus, since Mercury has to do with communication, written word, the internet, rumors and gossip, etc and of course Uranus has to do with technology.

You want a strong 10th house (success, professional activity) and its Governor.
We want the significators of interest to be in anugular houses and not in candet houses and of course to avoid squares and opposition.

These are very general and do not forget you will always work on your birth chart.

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