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Unique question about Mercury Retrograde and Travel

I know the rule of thumb is just "don't travel during Mercury Retrograde," but I have a situation that isn't so black and white. If I booked a hotel for a check in date after Mercury stations direct, but did the initial booking during Mercury Retrograde, will the same completions exist as if I were also checking in during the retrograde?

There's an event coming up where nearby hotels are at a premium and the hotels that actually hosts the event suddenly opened up a few more rooms at the considerably lower event priceing (which was still a pretty big purchase, another thing advised against during retrograde) which is so rare this close to the event, that if I didn't act immediately, this amazing opportunity would be long gone, so I jumped on it. The things is, this all happened just a few days after Mercury went retrograde! So now I'm worried things are going to go very wrong. Are these fears founded? Or am I reading too much into things and over exaggerating something that isn't that big of a deal? Any answers or insight would be most appreciated.

Also, I wasn't sure if this was the right thread to post this in. If this would be more appropriate somewhere else, please let me know and I will move it.
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