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Re: Venus in Pisces- I want to know more

Originally Posted by LibralovesTaurus View Post
Update: Last night, out of nowhere , he sends me a text that reads " I do not want to be the reason you are suffering. We can still be friends but we cannot continue seeing each other the way we previously have. I'm at home all night tonight and all day tomorrow. Please call me when you can"[...] My ex Taurus flings continued contacting me as well until I stopped responding completely. What are your thoughts? He has contacted me every day for the past 7 months....will he be able to cut me off cold turkey ?
Probably not.

I mean, I would like to believe he can but his past actions, things he's said and of course the natal suggest that isn't so easy for him.

This is similar to how my ex and I broke up. He claimed he wanted to be friends and not be in contact much at all but this didn't happen. Slowly he came back to where we were in a semi-relationship until I got tired and told him "no"... Don't find yourself in this situation. You may think you don't want completely out (I thought the same way for a while, thus the semi-relationship) but it will ultimately be less trouble than carrying on in the manner you two have. He is more fixed than my ex so hopefully he can stick to this to make it a reality but I'm not holding my breath.
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