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Re: Venus in Pisces- I want to know more

Originally Posted by LibralovesTaurus View Post
Oh dear...this definitely sounds like both my ex Aquarius sun/Venus in Pisces ex and now this's like they want you, but not really because if you don't fit their ideal to 100% they have to keep their options hurts so bad and has taken a great toll on my self- confidence Mine ( if I can even call him that anymore) stated that he does want to still be friends but that we won't have that much contact anymore....I feel like that's his nice way of "easing" out of actually just saying he wants to completely cut me off....

Oh...and the Taurus is also leaving the country for a one month long vacation in February with his best guy friend who is also single....yeah, I wonder why he's ending everything now with me..... :/
I am sorry to hear about your situation. In my experiences, the kind of men i have been with, baffles me sometimes. One cheated on me, one could not do long distance but also, never even said if we could try to work something out about the distance because i have an open mind to at least try than just completely quit ( maybe it's a good thing, but it's so hurtful that they just would want to give up like that ). The current one, he seems so detached toward everyone. He is a nice person, but yet detached and cool exterior, that i wonder if that's really who he is or i just don't know him well yet?! Like an idiot i got caught up with his "niceness" and strung along and realized it's damaging me. He is so nice, that most friends of mine here tell me, how can you blow him off?! unbelievable! or maybe am just being too vicious. Now i feel messed-up emotionally because we live in small area, so i have to keep bumping into him now and then until he finally leaves from here for good. At some occasions i saw him hanging out with other girls, who maybe just friends, but i saw the body language and i did not like it, at all. I am not the person who feels jealous so easily, but with this guy i didn't like the feeling. He told me to trust him as he is not that type of guy. I think am pretty hurt with my experiences, and also because i didn't connect with his detached personality and yet pleasing toward everyone. I cannot figure out what he really is! I don't know why am getting kind of obsessed about this now, guess still need to sort through my feelings. So i understand about your self-confidence, it's tough. I guess with time it will be alright. But he doesn't bring out good things in me though.
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