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Unhappy Re: Venus in Pisces- I want to know more

Originally Posted by sibylline View Post
I think you were on the right track here. You two want different things, and that's what it boils down to.

He'll probably just keep stringing this along, if you agree. It seems like he wants the benefits of being in a relationship but doesn't want the commitment or responsibility. Typical Venusian romanticism... and laziness.
Update: Last night, out of nowhere , he sends me a text that reads " I do not want to be the reason you are suffering. We can still be friends but we cannot continue seeing each other the way we previously have. I'm at home all night tonight and all day tomorrow. Please call me when you can". I was like ...huh? Okay... so I call and he was like " I don't want you to come all the way out here ( he lives 30 min away) and think I've changed my mind and go home brokenhearted. I said I needed to see him face to face to talk this out because via text / phone call only hurts more. He agreed then to talk it out but stated that after Friday he will cut down dramatically with contacting me...I was like, okay thanks for letting me know instead of leading me on. Tomorrow we meet but only as friends he said.

It feels slightly comforting that he finally agreed to cut this off but my Venusian side ( Libra stellium in the 12th..) is saddened and dreams he might reach out again after having no contact with me for awhile. I know my other Venus in Pisces ex did, over and over again ( but then again, I broke up with him). My ex Taurus flings continued contacting me as well until I stopped responding completely. What are your thoughts? He has contacted me every day for the past 7 months....will he be able to cut me off cold turkey ?
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