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Re: Venus in Pisces- I want to know more

Originally Posted by LibralovesTaurus View Post
How should I act next Friday? I'll be eagerly awaitng your reply...
Tell him that you can't make it. Lol.

It seems like you're looking for a serious relationship. He's not and he keeps minimizing what you two do have, but then coming back later for the "fun stuff". So there is a basic disconnect here, astrology aside.

I guess after looking at more of your posts my question to you is, are you willing to accept that he might never take you seriously? I see you've known him for 6 months. Taureans can be slow moving but in that time frame even they would at least be able to know whether they would consider someone for a serious relationship. Honestly, it sounds like he is going with the 5th house (fun) side. I don't know what else would encourage him to move this forward other than not continuing to give him what he wants, which is a pseudo-relationship on his terms.

Originally Posted by LibralovesTaurus View Post
Do you think he has any feelings for me at all or am I just another one of his conquests he likes to have on the side to stroke his ego further?
He probably does have feelings for you. For many reasons, I would say that is likely...but does that mean he will be a good partner? Or will he eventually decide to make this something more serious? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself.
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