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Originally Posted by LibralovesTaurus View Post
Thank you , this was quite enlightening. The funny thing is, even after he told me he didn't want anything serious , he has contacted me every single day ( it's almost been a week since then).
Do not take this as anything major. He does have a Moon/Mars conjunction in the 5th house, aka the playground, in addition to his strong Venusian nature (Taurus/Pisces). Dating and flirting are probably second nature to him. This also explains his flirtatious statements.

he kept telling me how loyal he has been to me all these months even though we were not anything but having fun?
Lol. He's got jokes.

Although of course he doesn't see this is a joke. This is a distancing technique some use. So if he starts being fickle or shows a lack of commitment, he can reassure himself you two were never serious anyway and it ensures you can't confront him about this either. Reading previous posts from you he has made other distancing statements. You should be VERY wary.

When I asked him if it would bother him if I met another he said of course and he would tell me...ahhh...I'm so in love with him. It hurts.
Of course it would hurt. Strong Taurus placements indicates a possessive nature and even if they don't want a commitment, they aren't so keen on seeing/knowing any of their posse--, I mean, people, are with someone else. They also have issues letting go of people, if they let go at all because combined with Pisces can make them overly sentimental. Note that I have strong Taurus and Pisces in my chart, as does my ex.

I have more to say but I'm on my way to work. I'll be back in some hours to tell you more.

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