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Re: Venus in Pisces- I want to know more

Originally Posted by sibylline View Post
Yes, unfortunately, it can be true of them/us. The men especially.

The issue with Venus in Pisces in this regard is idealism. Men with Venus in Pisces are looking for an ideal woman. They become very dreamy-eyed if they think they have found their perfect princess. Yet no one can remain on that pedestal forever. The princess can begin to show less than perfect traits, human traits. Anything "off" throws them and they can start to become fickle. Since I'm also a ViP I tend to be picky with men and get to know them very well before establishing a relationship because I know that if there are any slightly negatives, it can cause me to question.

Seems like your Taurus was born the same month as my ex, who is a Taurus Sun with Venus in Pisces. They have many of the same aspects. Looking at his chart I would say he has more hope than my ex, but if he's already told you that he doesn't want something serious, you should believe him. If he is wanting something more serious, he will reach out and tell you that.
Thank you , this was quite enlightening. The funny thing is, even after he told me he didn't want anything serious , he has contacted me every single day ( it's almost been a week since then). We agreed to seeing each other next Friday and I have been careful with being lovey dovey in my texts to him and he has been careful too. Until last night when he showed me a new furry throw he bought for his sofa and when I asked if it was comfy he answered " it is, and you'll get to test it out next Friday with me".. why is he being flirty again..? and he kept telling me how loyal he has been to me all these months even though we were not anything but having fun? When I asked him if it would bother him if I met another he said of course and he would tell me...ahhh...I'm so in love with him. It hurts.
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