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Re: Can Astrology predict the end of the World?

Originally Posted by Senecar View Post
It could be another controversial topic , but can Astrology predict the end of the world? You read about the controversial topic with predicting death etc. But I cannot recall seeing Astrology predicting the end of the world.

Has any of the traditional and contemporary astrologers ever predicted the end of the world using the charts - how and when? Can you? Would you? Could it work?
The End of the World would not happen until at least 4 Billion years from now, when the Milky Way Galaxy starts colliding with the Andromeda Galaxy.

I suppose Earth could be eaten by a drifting Black Hole that passes through the Solar System.

I would be pointless and a waste of time to predict the End of the World, since you won't be around to witness it, and neither would anyone else.
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