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Re: Indicators of the significant relationship in the Solar Chart

Some things I note looking at Solar Returns...

First I'll say that an important aspect of my birth chart to me is a Yod configuration plus another inconjunct, so I've taken note of those patterns.

First Love: It was a volatile, obsessive, intense relationship. Mars was busy.
No yods, but inconjunct city
Mars square Pluto
Mars conjunct Venus
Mars conjunct Jupiter
Mars opposition Saturn
Mercury inconjunct Uranus and Neptune

Disastrous Relationship: enough said
2 yods
Mars square Pluto
Mars conjunct Chiron
Mars opposition Jupiter
Venus sextile Saturn and Moon
Sun inconjunct Uranus and Neptune

Karmic Relationship: I was important
No yods or inconjuncts
Uranus on Asc.
Pluto on MC (person has Scorpio sun)
Pluto square Moon
Mercury opposition Saturn
Sun conjunct Mars (exact) in Gemini in 3rd house
Venus sextile Mercury

Met Husband:
No yods and 1 inconjunct
Sun on Asc.
Pluto inconj. Mercury
Venus opposition Neptune
Moon square Uranus

Got Married:
No yods or inconjuncts
True Node conjunct Asc.
Venus conjunct Asc.
Neptune conjunct MC (husband has Pisces sun)
Mars trine Sun
Mars trine Saturn
Mars trine Moon

Notes: for me, hard Mars aspects plus a lot of inconjuncts seemed to happen the same years I met men with whom I had intense, difficult relationships. Deeper relationships coincided with Asc./MC conjuncts and less Mars interference in matters.
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