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Re: "Beauty" in natal chart?

Originally Posted by AppLeo View Post
High cheek bones are common in Gemini's or Cancer's.

The jaw line is common in Libras.

Aries usually have nice, compact, athletic builds.

Capricorns have the almond eyes.

Leos have nice, long, lower eyebrows.

Aquarius have angularity and symmetry.
hmn...i understand,leo's have nice eyebrows really :0

Originally Posted by cocoloco View Post

Read this.

Many models have Venus/ Saturn aspects.
Venus, Moon, Jupiter gives beauty. So good aspects, strong dignity placement, and planets in beneficial houses will give beauty. Post a pic.
thank u,I had already heard that too "comfortable" planets and their positions, they would bring physical beauty...
But i know a local actress who has venus conjunction saturn, it is simply the pinnacle of beauty (but her beauty is not natural)
this actress made me think: saturn conj venus or saturn/venus can make you "work hard" to be beautiful, maybe?

Originally Posted by AppLeo View Post
Makes sense that a Venus Saturn aspect would create a beautiful person. Or maybe the Venus Saturn aspect is a RESULT of a person's decisions – like choosing to become a model.
i don't know,i met a girl who has venus sextile saturn and saturn in first house who's not have self steem,but one scout said she could be a model,
she is a model today...perhaps she attract this it with the mind?, lol

Originally Posted by cocoloco View Post
Lol, he isnt very good looking at all. Maybe in his younger days? His wives are beautiful though. His daughter is beautiful too!
I read that venus in a man's chart, means the kind of women in his life, it makes sense that donald woman are beautiful though he himself is not

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
First House placements?
good idea

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