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Re: Lilith Closely Conjunct SN

Originally Posted by astrobunny View Post
I had not! Thanks. I just looked it over now.

Would a Lilith in Taurus have traits of laziness & overindulgence maybe? Esp since it's in the 2nd house, one of possessions, maybe it could indicate a luxurious lifestyle?

Since it's touching my south node, would they indicate a previous life of greed?

(Just realized Lilith being in Taurus, an Earth element, is especially interesting since in legend, Lilith is made of the earth!)
I did some looking around for ya and this is best I've got. So Lilith is linked to the unresolved dark past self, the dark side of oneself, and our soul's deepest and darkest desires that are usually suppressed. Taurus is a very concrete sign, so it is probably easier for you to identify these desires, especially in regards to property and possessions. Especially, because like you said, it's also in the second house. The south node is supposed to be what we expressed in past lives that we are growing out of in this life in hopes of incarnating our soul's purpose in this life, the north node or true node. So I agree, that perhaps in this life you are moving away from being materialistic or "greedy," as you said.

Also, other Taurus/2nd house behaviors I would be on the look out for would be stubbornness, possessiveness, and being uncompromising.

It's interesting that Lilith is conjunct your south node and it looks like Nessus is opposite conjunct your north node. I wonder what that means.
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