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Originally Posted by arya ishtar View Post
rarohini, i am not a big shopper, but jewelry with stones (and even just rocks) are a big part of my life. and i don't do churches and such, but woods and trees instead. and i om. and sing. dancing really brings me into my body, and, in turn, to the earth. especially tapdance, lol.

so have a handle on *practices* to ground, think i was asking more about how/where to do so in my chart. at least, i think that's what i'm asking. i feel like if my chart shows me deficiencies, shouldn't it *also* show me how to *address* them?
Hi Arya!
Im not sure whether i understand the question.. i can read only vedic charts..your chart may point to the type of Grounding energy to use by noting the North node South node axis .. for example 2-8 axis mayean Taurus heavy whereas 6-12 axis .virgo grounding and 4-10 house Capricorn grounding..

Also , looking at your answer (trees and woods etc) i an thinking some of your main planets may be in Gemini (Punarvasu star) which is wedded to the environment. Pls look up this star.

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