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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity


We are!

I can't speak English so things come out wrong. What I meant was that I see no obstacle in achieving the greatest spiritual potential, but I tend to skip every step to the last (I want to erase the bull, but the bull is still there, I just choose not to see it, and then it wonders away). So, even though ptv is very spiritual, I am far more spiritual, so I have what it takes

'There is no snake has many meanings'

I lost my connection to this world at a very young age. Probably never had it, and my chart says I should pay attention to both sides: the here and the hereafter. No wonder I chose this username.

I know, I didn't think he would attack me, I read his posts regularly, I didn't misjudge him, he does not attack, he defends.

I wasn't talking about him, I was just saying how it goes for me.

I'll continue to read and study

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