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Originally Posted by ALRESCHA View Post

I was just asking if it ever crossed your mind to try to fetch the list of the known parts from them.

Not only that I do understand what you say, and please forgive my poor English (and bare in mind that my cultural background had me develop a different sense of humor), but I can see your bone marrow. I hope that you understand.

This is so not the right thing to do, since your MC occupies the placement, but I shall say that, you may be 150 years old, spiritually, you are merely a child to my eyes. I am not hostile, I rather like you.

If I said that I value my independence in learning, I would have gotten attacked. I believe that I should withdraw, a TrMoon square to my natal Moon is coming.
Theres a large list of known parts in the forum from various sources.

You misjudge piercethevale if you believe you would be attacked for stating that you value independent thinking. He's always encouraged free thinking in the pursuit of truth. It wasnt until i sincerely asked the universe to be shown, more clearly, the truth, that i met piercethevale. That is no coincidence. Read any of his threads and you will understand that he is a huge supporter of earnest truth seeking.

We are all children in Gods eyes
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