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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity

As I posted the above prematurely without realizing it and only discovering my mistake some hours later upon returning to my computer, this is a late edit, in a sense, but rather than add it to the above post and risk having it be overlooked by those that have read that particular post already, I'm putting it into this new post with the heading that it is an "edit", or more rightly an addendum.
I apologize for my gaff. ptv

(Late Edit)

It doesn't necessarily mean anything so non secular either. As what Rudhyar stated in his analysis when He wrote;

"Keynote: The self-discipline which results from an intelligent development of individual faculties under proper training.

What constitutes the proper training of children or animals is a complex and much-disputed problem. The symbol seems to state simply that powerful life energies can be trained adequately — the implication or extension of the idea being that no training is really successful unless it leads to the realization of the value and power of self-discipline. We are constantly faced with situations which, whether we are aware of it or not, are in fact training situations; God or the Soul is the trainer. Much depends on the attitudes we assume in these situations."

It may very well mean that at some point in your life you will find yourself applying self discipline to your self and that you excel at the exercise. That you then also go out and encourage others to do the like a "Life Coach" or some type of formalized self discipline.
It could even be that you were a much advanced yogi or disciple of a great spiritual master in your previous life and that the master, or their successor, will meet up with you again in this life, awaken you, and get you progressing again from the point left off at your passing in that previous life.

Of course, all of these stated possibilities are just that, my statements as that is how I see this particular Part working, my opinions. I may be correct as to everything I stated and yet there could also be a myriad of other ways that ""Self Discipline", on your own behalf, will eventually manifest themselves. You will be the one to recognize it when it does, most likely. As you are now aware of this Part and how it works, not to mention being a believer and practitioner of astrology yourself, you have the advantage over, probably, 99% of the rest of the population of the world.

Had I never been introduced to astrology, never taken it up as an interest, as a bit of a hobby like I did and also learned of the Sabian Symbols.., I would gone through life not having a clue as to anything about it and that such an astrological influence did exist and there likely would've never even been the slightest of noticable signs that I had an inherent proclivity, or potential to become knowledgeable in some study, or proficient of skill due to a "hidden" ability although at sometime in my life I might have looked at a Yantra, or mandala, and because of my studies and practices of the Vedic science of yoga I might have surprised a teacher, or myself, by one day, "just out of the Blue" demonstrating some inherent knack by correctly identifying a specific purpose for a Yantra I had never seen before...something as like that. Someone else that has the 23rd degree of Aquarius may be the long shot on one of those reality tv programs that surprises everyone, including their self, by demonstrating a astonishing application of self discipline and conquering their obesity, or fears or achieving some sort of similar goal.

Yet, that is so far off from the 7th or 8th degree of Taurus that you have been stating your Part of Hidden Identity to be that it caused me to double check and see if I was even in the same thread. How in the world did you get so far off? ( But this does demonstrate why I was more than just reluctant to spend time giving any sort of opinion or analysis on what you claimed to be your correct derivations... but than again, for all I know, they still may be in error, but you did state this time that you used the suggested calculator and you posted it in both Degree, minute of degree and in proper nomenclature and recognized notation. Thank you.)

At the Libra Centre Arabic Parts Calculator, in their drop down menu, it is listed as simply the Part of Identity.
To anyone that is planning on using their calculator, or any other websites or even if you plan on doing it the old fashioned "long hand", that is to say with a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil, I do so recommend consulting the listing of Parts that I have in the Parts sub forum here and using that as the guide for all your Parts' formulae.

There are many Parts that I still haven't gotten around to checking out and verifying to my satisfaction that the titles given them are indeed correct or somewhat closely associated with the effect the title imply but in general, those that only utilize the Asc. as the personal point and the planets visible to the naked eye (the traditional "Arabic Parts") are for the most part safe to trust. Those that include the trans-Saturnian planets are another matter, but some of those I am more sure of than a number of the "Arabic Parts".
I don't believe in using, so called, nocturnal formulae and have yet to see one of them prove itself. This is an very ancient science of which the greater portion of the knowledge and most of the understanding has been lost since the "Golden Age" of mankind here on earth. The "Dark Ages'' were "Dark" in more ways than one. They're have been those that serve other than the "Truth" that have deliberately corrupted some techniques so as to lead others astray

Many Christian sects, probably most of them (the latest estimate is that there are between 30,000 and 40,000 different sects of Christianity presently) claiming that the "Bible" forbids the use of it. I know little of the "New Testament" as for the reason it has been so control in content by political concerns, mostly in the Vatican... but the "Old Testament", or Tanakh, most certainly doesn't forbid the use of Astrology. In fact it encourages the use of it so as to find the most appropriate time to conduct specified activities... and also says to abhor the use of "seers" to try to predict the future.
I only utilize the talents of my clairvoyant friend to "See" into the past or what is presently a condition. The Book of Isaiah says to use an astrologer when asking of the future as to find the times best suited for your planned endeavors. * It also advises using an astrologer that doesn't have to "divide up the Heavens" but preferably one that needs only to "meditate" on a chart to understand it. I don't know of any astrologers that are that good presently and doubt that there has been any for a few millennia...with possible exceptions of a few.

When in doubt of a stated influence, just remember that the influences placed in the firmament were placed there for 'spiritual evolution', that's not to say they don't have effect on matters of the temporal, just that there is nothing that was placed there that is deliberately, and singularly, malevolent. If you were karma free (sinless, or all debts of sin settled) and living a perfectly spiritual life, you would have no need to concern yourself of any potentially harmful or discomforting influences upon you from Astrological conditions.

But don't ever believe that any Particular Part is solely concerned with fattening your bank account or is hunting for you with bad intent. The Part of Fortune has nothing, or little, to do with wealth, but rather it has been wrongly translated as for what it really means is more that of 'Fortunate Times, Circumstances and Actions' that will allow you to become more fortunate as to fulfilling your destiny, completing your dharma, spiritually evolving. The Part of Increase and Benefits is that which is most likely to increase your bank account, but also indicates a more bountiful harvest, a better catch fishing, more livestock born to you ...and children too. The Part of Inheritance and Legacy is not about what your aunt left you in her will but rather what you have spiritually inherited and will, or should, in turn leave to the world grander than when you arrived... although it may just happen to be the day you receive word from a lawyer that an aunt left you something you'll value, need or cherish. Just don't believe that is all that it means

The so titled Part of Fatality & Tragedy is symbolically that which at the time of your death, the world will see it as a tragic loss to them as for what your absence leaves them bereft of... or may have been a blessing as for what your death resulted in... Martyrs for great cause come to mind here, selfless heroes, philanthropists, both great and small.

If you know of the chart I produced and personally believe to be an actual natal chart for the man known as Jesus/Yeshu'a of Nazareth and do so yourself become reasonably convinced of its veracity, or have the faith to at least be willing to consider it, there is a listing of most of the known Astrological Parts derived from that chart in the Degree Symbolism sub form and you may like to consult that and see what Sabian Symbol from that chart is associated with which ever Part you may not feel a title is correct for, or may not understand how to apply symbolism to as many of them I have found to be quite obvious and hence why I titled the book I wrote about that chart, "A Template for the Time". As it does provide a template for understanding to work with.
For example; the Part of Catastrophe from that chart is a symbol of "Challenging political and religious institutions and power structures", that for the Part of Increase and Benefits is that of "Santa Claus furtively filling stockings", the Part of Fortunes' symbolism is "A Master instructing his disciple".
You Are A Divine Creation Of The Universe

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