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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity

Sorry, at first I got sad after thinking about it and then I forgot to elaborate, because I got carried away, then I had some work to do, I just came back to write what it means for me

I do see the meaning. They work. The axis, like you said is essential too. It is clearly a system that has a meaningful path.

I have been trying to find a perfect source for the degree symbols explanations for a while, but it's all mumbo-jumbo, particularly in my country. Here people don't take degrees seriously enough I think, the most popular astrologer alive uses a very, very loose sidereal system and counts 2 degrees as the same... I think I might be able to find out for sure which birth time to count after I explore them all, there is no time to rectify the time, and I don't really have anyone to ask...

Anyway, here it is:


KEYNOTE: The need to overcome stagnation and "cold" during trial of endurance.

This rather enigmatic symbol has suggested an exploration in arctic regions; but it seems more relevant to see in it simply the difficult phase imposed by the new allegiance upon the reoriented consciousness. In India the deer was the symbol of Brahma, the Creative God. The antlers represent the extension of the mind-power located in the head. The new path may lead to cold regions requiring insulation from harsh circumstances. There may even be a desire to escape from new responsibilities. The will leads the mind on toward the spiritual North of the soul.

This is the third stage in the nineteenth five-fold sequence. A period of trials is implied. The focalized mind may seek to escape its limits by venturing forth toward an idealized goal the North Star, perhaps. This represents A TESTING OF THE WILL.

It means dealing with an endless winter on a mountain that you have to cross/finish some work there. Nobody to talk to besides God, only he knows what and how to make it out of the situation. But it's kinda like I am on a mission to preserve that deer to take it somewhere later, maybe to show/give it to somebody or have it help somebody. It could also be a punishment because I already killed one and wore it's furs/neglected the spirit. But I keep hiding in caves to play my flute and procrastinate

It's interesting because years ago, I had a dream that the Himalaya reached the window of my room (3rd floor in a building) and I could see an endless line of people on a path to a mountain top carrying huge baskets of Tibetan cherries (not that any grow there) of all kinds that somebody I loved had them bring for me. Endless tears that have ranked up since the beginning that is. I failed to preserve them the way I should preserve that deer. their NN is in conjunct with my Pluto.

It must be a punishment. All in all, it means heart under blade as in the character, means to endure, like suggested elsewhere in my chart.

Clearly this is about Saturn, so finding the part has helped me understand my Mars-Saturn square a little better and what my goal should be.

Maybe I shouldn't, but still, you are right, I'd better elaborate some more just in case, maybe other people who read don't understand, I think of it like a Saturn issue, firstly because Brahma is associated with Saturn and my dream has many Saturn symbols in it.

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