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Re: Mistress or wife? Lilith conjunct north node

Thank you so much for the reply! Yes you confirmed what I was assuming.. I know that Black Moon Lilith and especially a meeting under a Uranus transit is no stable thing.. however, there are more contacts in the horoscope that make me wonder:

mutual Moon-Venus opposition; my Jupiter conj. his North node; some trines between personal and transsat. planets; his Ceres opp. my Moon; his Cupido conj. my Pluto; Venuses and Suns in trine by sign (not by degree though)

Interestingly, his Venus falls into my 7th house, mine into his 12th (something hidden..?)

Also, any ideas of the meaning of his Uranus making a very loose trine to my Venus and Mars (closing a fiery trine!)?

Just in case you'd have time to have a look at it, I'd be immensely grateful to hear your opinion - it was a very peculiar encounter and as it usually is, I cannot keep my objectivity in such cases (mine is the inner)

What keeps me wondering is whether the Black Moon connection and Uranus transit is "stronger" than the quite (I consider it) compatible(...??) other aspects and if it works only as a short-time thing, regardless the rest of the horoscope, or if the rest of the horoscope can "balance" the briefness and short-time intensity of Lilith. (Just curious what's gonna be happening in his head when the Uranus makes the last hit on his Venus (first in May 2015, third in Feb 2016) and that "newness" fades away :P )

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