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Re: Traits of your chart that don't match you but once did altered by life experience

A lot of what you describe is not directly related to Pisces. However, yes, charts are fluid and subject to transits, progressions, and external events. You must know that all Pisceans are not idealistic space cadets. It is a sign of great artists and visionaries. The cynical nature you have described relates to your Scorpio Ascendant and having Pluto in 1st would be even more indicative of someone who has experienced profound internal transformation. Mars and Saturn in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces 4th denotes someone with altruistic tendencies who might certainly be motivated by domestic and humane affairs.

There are a lot of things that shape how we experience our charts. I'm a Taurus born with Sun opposite Pluto. I felt very Taurean earlier in my life in the sense that I was uncomfortable with change and death. Yet, after experiencing quite a few monumental and external events connected to change and trauma and my progressed Sun moving into Gemini, I feel unrecognizable from my younger self, but also empowered and flexible because I feel that I have worked to embrace this component of my chart.

Now I'm a person who embraces change (planning on moving next year!) and sees death as a natural part of life and a transference of energy from one state to the next. It's part of our existence, we are always evolving and our charts are not meant to be viewed statically.
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