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Re: Traits of your chart that don't match you but once did altered by life experience

For a person born on the banks of the Pasig scarce 21 years ago, you sure do know a lot about life and astrology. It must be your precocious Moon-Mars opposition. Thank goodness you waited until the Ides had passed.

Take note of the world around you. A water buffalo is born a water buffalo and dies a water buffalo. Leopards do not change their spots. The essential nature of a thing does not change

You are born to a horoscope which remains the same throughout your life.

Those life circumstances that you believe change you so much are shown in the houses of the chart and the aspects of the planets.

It is not that the horoscope changes. It is that your perception/evaluation of yourself is not true-to-life.

Give it some time my friend, and when you have another 50 years under your belt (and perhaps another 50 pounds) you wiill find that your horoscope is true.

I was once a 7-year old boy on a bicycle with no front teeth. Now I'm a 70 year old man in a wheelchair with no teeth at all. But I haven't changed; I'm still me.

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