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Re: research guidelines?

I like the list, waybread. I only want to add that this is a place for the "nuts and bolts" of astrology to get "spread all over the table." This is the forum where we can examine the entirety of existing systems (including every small piece, individually or collectively) to prove or disprove particular notions. This is a place for development of new ideas or new studies of old ideas. If something has never been thoroughly examined, this is the place to examine it. If something has been inadequately examined, this is the place to perform your own study to confirm or refute existing ideas. This is also the place to recruit members who might want to conduct the same study as you.

There are many different types of studies which could be made useful here, so there is no one standard of how to post a study. The thing to remember is that proof needs weight. You don't need to support your preliminary hypothesis just to conduct a study. This isn't a corporation and nobody is getting paid for the research. What you investigate and how is entirely up to you. The one thing to remember is that words like "proof" and "fact" must be heavily supported. If you want to claim something as true, we will all need solid reasons to believe it so.

Things that are solid reasons:
Experimental Evidence
Formal Logic

Things that are not solid reasons:
Unsupported Claims
Citations of Unsupported Claims
Personal Experience
Channeled Material

The solid reasons should be self-explanitory. Experimental evidence is our #1 guide in determining, as humans, what is correct and what isn't. Formal logic and mathematics are both categories of complete and consistent systems which are known to agree with Universal relationships.

Bad reasoning is not nearly as obvious to most people. My apologies, but this isn't English class, so citations of someone else's work are not good enough to prove anything unless you are citing the proof. Ptolemy might be a good source for some things, but many of his teachings are entirely unsupported. If Ptolemy didn't support his work himself, then the work is unsupported. Claims, tradition, personal experience, and channeled material can all be used to direct an experimenter to new ideas to test, but none of these things are good reasons for someone else to accept your ideas.

No one should put forth any rigid methodology that the entire forum must use. Each should be free to conduct the research of their choice by their own chosen method. Keep in mind, of course, that not everyone is going to agree with your methods and conclusions right away, even if you are correct. So, be ready with answers to the questions you know will be asked. Use this forum to flesh out your ideas so that they can stand to any scrutiny. It is my hope that everyone will find this forum to be a place where work speaks for itself.
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