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Re: Beginning to Study Astrology

Originally Posted by Shining Ray View Post
By Astro50,

Astrology is not about sitting home on the couch eating nachos and waiting for the planets to make good things happen in your life. It is always your responsibility to work towards making your own dreams come true. Horoscopes simply help you to schedule your actions for the best possible outcome

Is there a camera in my house . Nevertheless, I am looking forward to transiting Jupiter in Aries conjunct Uranus in my 8th house and trine to my Jupiter in Leo 11th. Great opportunities are in store for me. Saturn will trine my M.C and I am waiting for the goodies. I am the worst astrologer ever, so evil .

I respect all the points expressed, learning all the time
I am presuming Jupiter contacts Uranus natally??? THe trine with Jupiter should be enlightening. Saturn is in aspect to your MC natally???
Group associations connected to matters of universal truth and philosophies in life. Also the afterlife and reincarnation etc. You may gain from being involved with humanitarian endeavours. New Age technologies and hopes for the future are view with optimism and may present opportunity. If indeed Jupiter aspects Uranus natally it is a great time learn astrology of course.
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