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Re: Beginning to Study Astrology

Originally Posted by Haizea View Post
I agree. I've been into the basics for more than 20 years. Even more basic than you tell, as I still can't really grasp general relations between planets. I know the theory, but getting to see those aspects between planets is not simple. We need a very deep knowledge of ourselves just to see all that in our own chart. I have not gone to that level of self-understanding.
I have almost the same problem. I have been into the basics and slightly more beyond for 7+ years now. It is not as much time but I am still finding new things out everyday. It is hard for me to read of the bat what the major aspects, or planets in houses/signs mean. I have been studying my own chart for some time, and I am always finding non-cookbooks on the aspects, houses, etc. I am still finding new things out everyday about my chart. I love the learning experience and getting a general feel for what it all means. That is why I am so delighted to have found this forum, where I can learn and grow as an astrologer; where people are here to help/teach and give me the insight on interpreting my own chart, maybe later in the future other charts.
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