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Re: Beginning to Study Astrology

Originally Posted by DespiteMyself View Post
Thank you so much for posting this. I have just started to investigate astrology in the last few weeks after seeing my chart on astro cafe. I was amazed, and started to do some reading on the 'net. Just today I sat down and make a list of what I wanted to start taking notes on, working towards building a notebook. (Very funny that this has always been my approach when tackling a complex task- and I have seen it in my chart "readings", in the clinical snippets and definitions that the databases have spat out!)

I am very intrigued by the use of Natal Charts to identify strengths and weaknesses in ones' character and provide focus for self improvement. If I can recognize an area that I have fought against and instead embrace it, how much more powerful can I be? The same applies in the other direction: if I can identify an area that I have stubbornly clung to as "just the way I am" as self (and other) destructive, can giving it an honest appraisal be anything other than beneficial?

To be honest, some other applications of astrology still give me pause. I have identified as a Christian by choice my entire adult life, and I am weighing what I have been taught against what the Bible actually says. I am still not telling close friends and family about my explorations until I have enough of a grasp on the material to be able to make a clear case. At this point, I just don't know what to say. From sola scriptura to astrology is a mighty big leap!

All of this to say, thank you again for your guidance, as well as to others on this forum that I am building on. I have exactly $0 to spend on this pursuit at this time, and the smargasborg of the internet can be a little overwhelming without a basic menu.

Off to start printing/highlighting/notetaking with my eyes open...
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Very well put. The Church typically advised against the masses gaining too much knowledge and therefore not able to be controlled. They have typically used it themselves however for a long time. God created the Universe and we are part of it all. Keep them dumbed down and in fear has been the modus operandi of the church.

To be a genuine astrologer is to know that your beliefs only deepen when you know that there is a Godforce, whatever that may be, not a person as we know it and certainly not restricted to "He". I would suggest. We all know that the Bible has been adulterated, misinterpreted and edited to suit the prevailing authorities and their agendas.

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