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Re: What in someone's chart would make them generally attractive

To this moment, I've never gotten a date. Even though my mom would keep on talking to me about how pretty my Hazel-Green Eyes looked.(Seeing as Green is the gemstone color of a Pisces. No wonder I'm a Pisces Sun)

It is generally said that Saturn in the 7th indicates that it would take quite the bit before I am to get intimidate with others. So I guess that explains my god awful luck.

I have the Saturn-Moon aspect. I believe it's a sextile. So I believe Saturn(Structure) supports Moon(Feelings). Hey, it's an Aries moon . I hope that scores some girl points.

Moon-Sextile Mars as well, seeing as Mars is the ruler of the Aries MH and that I have an Aries Moon. Some under-rated Aries energy .

Sun Sextile Uranus and Neptune. So I guess there may be some truth to the beauty. But beauty does not equal popularity.
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