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Re: Spiritual calling...

Originally Posted by Estrela View Post
Wonder if I could receive some insights based on my chart. I have no knowledge on vedic astrology, but since I have been very drawn to a lineage of yogis who used to consider this as a tool, I decide to take a closer look at mine.
I have always been very drawn to spirituality, but particularly over the last year this search has been intensified through the practice of meditation and learning from the teachings of Pahamahansa Yogananda and his lineage, alongside many other personal development practices.

I currently feel I am losing a bit of interest in the ordinary world,things like having a career, making money, starting a family, social gatherings,empty conversations etc. Also, there is nothing in my present life stimulating me to any other direction than spirituality,despite me being open to whatever manifests. I have been having a very quiet life, going to retreats and reading. No excitements and no disturbances...

Recently I felt a strong pull to leave my job, which is very boring,yet draining, but offered me some stability to pursue my spiritual goals. My plan after I leave is to travel back to my family home country in November where I can take some time to rest and study and also have a few days in a retreat place I really love. I would return to Europe in March 2020 and have no plans about what to do then - I suspect looking for a new job? Alongside this I also feel a strong pull to visit India, which I have always felt very connected to, despite having no apparent reason/influence to feel so.

My key question is, according to my chart: is this ever increasing spiritual drive a Path I can dedicate my energy and affords towards? Or this could be just a phase and I need to be more focus on material life first? Should I seriously consider dedicating my life to spirituality? Not put my energy in finding a conventional job nor be open to the idea of marriage and family?

I would appreciate if anyone could give me some insight according to my vedic chart. Much appreciate it. Thank you!

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Hello Estrela,

Your atmakaraka is new moon, posited in the 5th. house in new moon degrees with the Sun.
fifth house is a trine having few planets in combustion. This results in a kind of confusion of directions; also making you soft, motherly by nature/attitude.

the mulitiple conjunction of 5 planets (involvedin graha yuddha) in the 5th. house is in the 9th from the Arudha Lagna; also that your Arudha lagna is in the 9th. from lagna. Even the Arudha of the 9th. lord is in lagna

Please understand that the 9th. house is strong for spirituality; and I am seeing 9th.connections.

D20 is no doubt important, but only if the d1 chart allows spirituality.

Another thing is that in such a case as yours there will be swaying from spirituality to the material & vice versa

There will be turbulence after Jan 2020, as transit saturn will cross over ketu the planet of spirituality, which is the 7th. from Arudha Lagna, disturbing the nodal axis having the Arudha Lagna.

You may share your birth time.

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