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worried if I have a future or not. please look into my chart

Dob: 25th January 1993 11:30am India. Mangalore (12.91N 74.85E)
Too many sudden events, obstacles.
Loss of education, love life, social circle.
Nervous breakdowns. Strange fear, anxiety.
Literally stuck in most aspects of life.

Consulted many local astrologers. I was told I have naga-dosham, stree shapa, pretha bhade. ( I have done many pariharas, but all these concepts has scared the life out of me)

Do I have any good years ahead in matters if income and life-partner ?
( I am a fine art painter)

Past life events-
Father passed away 2006
Terrible paternal relatives( indulged in black magic etc)
Education hindrances 2011,2014,2017
2013(strange pyschic phenomena-kundalini stuff, art skills skyrocketed in few months)
2015 anxiety patterns started got very intense in 2017 leading to many humiliating situations.
Birth was normal(some astrologers ask me if my birth was normal)
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