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Re: Saturn conjunct Midheaven - What in the World is Happening?

Much as it must be frustrating to you now, I see your Saturn wrongdoings as temporary.
First of all, your natal Saturn is essentially good (in Aquarius) and well aspected (I would not consider its over 9 degree orb square with Pluto/Mercury but even if you do, it is still supported by strong Jupiter and Sun). This placement means that Saturnian tough lessons to you won’t be too tough, and you’ll eventually figure it out :-)

However, Saturn entering a house of the chart usually makes the native to realize, re-evaluate and work out the problems of that house that the native did not necessarily mean to deal with for some reason. The planet either cuts you off, or limits your options or creates some kind of tension you have to handle.

In X, this could mean that you need pause a little to re-consider your goals and career direction. And your NN is tightly conjunct MC, so career/professional goals/status must be the most important aspect of your self-fulfillment and your major task for this lifetime. Saturn transiting both points shows that it’s not just a question of the job but maybe of your whole life path in general.

I do realize that you’ve just graduated and all, but the questions your Saturn might want you to answer could be something like:

- Are sure that the job you lost or trying to get is (was) a truly good fit for you?
- Is this what you really want to do in your life?
- What are your true goals and ambitions?
- Who/what do you really wanna be?
- Is there any better, smarter or simply more authentic way for you to achieve what you want? and the like…

I also noticed your Sun-Moon natal square that might indicate a conflict between conscious mind/reason/decision-making and your emotional nature, more so with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Pisces (fast, sometimes thoughtless decisions cause/suppress deeply hurt feelings). With the square like this, chances are that some of the choices you made in your career might not agree with or disregard how you really feel about them. Your Saturn transiting MC will then make you realize this fact, whether you like it or not.

The good news is Saturn transits to MC/NN last about a year, so yours is about to end pretty soon :-)
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