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Re: Relationship in new Solar Return?

A couple of things first: you're right. I got a phone call I was expecting and signed off before i explained more. Then it was dinner time and it went out of my head. I'm sorry.

Next: the nature of the Solar return is not like the natal chart and transits. The SR is one year. It has some very specific messages.
Whatever the question is (in this case romance, relationship which is like marriage in a way because it's extended romantic connection, and 11th house...goals....desires for the future.

So we look at those areas first as that is where the information is. If we get negative or vague clues or very conflicted clues it's usually a no.

So....5th house: ruler, Sun. Major message, Sun oppose Neptune. Only Pluto is more powerful than Neptune so it's a major message. The opposition means that those you meet might be be Neptunian (not good for trust), or have secrets or addictions or just be vague and commitment phobic.

You'll notice in the grid the most "happy" aspects involve Uranus. Uranus is in your 12th house here and cannot be's in Aries which is "temporary". It does make some positive aspects like a trine to Mars and Merc....but I wouldn't go so far as giving it a trine to the Sun. Mars is the ruler or co-ruler of your Aries intercepted 12th house, so not positively powerful....and Merc is IN the 5th of romance but RULES the 6th house. So....the energy is there but not in the way you would want to love and romance.

Pluto rules your 7th house of relationship and is squared to Jupiter - in the 6th. So that is not a lucky aspect. Pluto in the 9th square Jupiter in the 6th. Jupiter rules your 8th the ruler of the 7th squares the ruler of the 8th. the SUN, ruler of the 5th of romance doesn't aspect either planet. So no connection.

The "grid" shows a trine between Pluto and the is absolutely mistaken here.
That is a 9 degree orb for a trine in which neither planet is angular.

Uranus may trine Mars-Merc but it SQUARES Venus in the 4th house....and Venus is the ruler of the ASCendant in this chart. So that Uranus square means hit and miss relationships or "here today, gone tomorrow" relationships. Dazzling at the moment but only the moment.

Saturn,Moon conjunct in a marriage house is not considered lucky.
Neptune squares Saturn in this chart. It's a little wide but still valid. Neptune is in the house of goals and Saturn is structure. One person can be more structured and serious about the relationship that the other...and this can cause confusion and leave one with a sense of loss of self esteem.

It's true that the Moon and Saturn are sextile Jupiter....which, if jupiter wasn't opposed by Uranus I might think this meant major modification of the situation. But Uranus squares Pluto....and it squares it weakens the Jupiter rendering the sextile to Saturn-Moon also weaker and vague.

Uranus also rules "the future" ...."goals" and being in the 12th, squared by Pluto, which, even tho is a bit out of orb is the highest planet in the chart....and the opposition to Jupiter. So when Uranus rules the 11th house in a SR chart it cannot be trusted. Uranus is the planet of the unpredictable and sometimes chaos, along with Neptune which is IN the 11th.

In astrology, esp. in synastry (chart comparison) and SRs, not all aspects are equal. Some have more power than others for different reasons. Some because of connection to the outer planets, some because of house position. The same rules just do not apply.

Yes, you may have several short term romances, and they may be fulfilling for the time you have them. But lasting? I don't think so.

Especially beware Neptunians. they are usually easy to spot. They are charming, they tend to say the right things, they often drink "socially" but you'll find it's more often than that; they often don't call or show up at the time promised; they have different rules for different days. Especially they make you trust them and then they disappoint and apologize and make excuses. And usually either they don't want to talk about ex's or it was the other person's fault for the breakup.

they might avoid having you meet friends and family and won't press to meet your's.

Often they have a talent for music or art. And you'll want to give them more chances. but there will be a pattern....and now that you are reading these words you will recognize it.
So...if you want a bit of romance here and there and nothing really compatible or a good way....good structure makes you feel secure....bad structure makes you feel controlled.

Only you can figure out which is which.

Ok? Any more questions, just ask.
OH...and in that part about all aspects not being equal, a square is more powerful than a trine. Much more.
there will be arguments over "values" with the men you do date. Values means exactly what you think it does...what is valuable in this situation? Not only do men and women often have different values but often our values come from our family values which may or may not "serve" us as independent adults.

"The universe does not care if it inconveniences you."

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