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Originally Posted by Sagcap88 View Post
Sometimes friends exiting your life is a sign that youíre growing spiritually. I know that I personally outgrew the people I hung around since I was young. It seems like a loss to some but if youíre woke, you realize that not every loss is really a loss.

I think it sounds like youíre a very sincere person. Iím sure itís hard to be around most people because most people out there are pretty superficial. I can relate. Iíd rather be alone than with people who arenít real. Iíve gone through long chunks of time totally alone, aside from a few family members.

I also have PArt of Fortune in the 11th. I donít know if that has anything to do with it?
On the contrary I feel that I am the problem, not the people. Every situation has two sides. First, I am the one who choose to be with them and let them in my life. Although I am careful and usually move a little slow in every relationship but I am the one who made the decision to be friends with such people. Secondly if everyone acts in somewhat similar way around me then I guess it's something in my personality that makes them end their relationship with me. How do I figure out that particular thing that I am doing wrong.
One more thing I have been trying to figure out is that does having part of fortune in 11th means that people feel used by me for my advantage.
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