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Re: Writing talent?

Mercury, the Moon, the 5th, 3rd and 10th house all indicate your creativity, type of writing and whether you'll make a career out of it. The Moon rules the right side of the brain therefore imagination, creativity and emotions. Mercury rules the left side of the brain therefore logic, analytical abilities and intellect.

Another good indicator would be the 9th, but more in the sense of 'Publishing' since it rules that area. I've read (don't quote me) a retrograde Mercury helps someone write, since a person with retro mercury tends to write a lot.

Signs that are good indicators of writing would be Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius, Cancer and Pisces (not saying other signs don't possess the ability). Of course that is assuming the above stated (i.e. first paragraph in this post).

Also look to the 6th House and the PoF if you really want to narrow things down to the tibit. As well as the 2nd, since it indicates where a person will make money.
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