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Re: Writing talent?

Would you mind linking to the article(s)?

With all the water in your chart, especially Pisces, I think that you would be good with the emotional details, quite romantic, very imaginative, and creative. With your Sun conjunct Mars you probably don't have difficulty motiving yourself to write or finishing your pieces.

What I would worry about is your revision, though. I think you would tend to be too impressionistic and might not offer enough concrete sensory details for the average reader's taste. This might be mitigated by the fact that you have your Neptune in Capricorn, though.

I think that when you do decide to publish you will distinguish yourself. Suns in the 10th are found quite often in the charts of the famous. Plus the bar for romance is so low that if you have any talent at all you will quickly shoot to the top.

Here's some non-astrological advice for you:
First of all, I know you're probably not going to listen or agree with me in this respect, but I wouldn't really put much stock in the fact that your teacher told you that you were good. I have been told that by virtually every teacher I've shown my writing to and they've always been wrong. I would suggest that he might have said it more for encouragement than in actual fact or that he plain might not have much taste but I know you'll disagree with me. However, if you look back on this later, I think you will realize that I was right.

Work and skill building matters as much if not more than talent in writing as much as anything else. You are very young and I highly doubt that your work would be accepted by any agent, let alone a publisher. If your romances have sexual components I don't think they can legally buy it from you since you are underage. Basically, I would wait until you're at least 18 so that one, agents will touch you, and two, you will have developed so much by then the thought that you might have been publishable at this point in your life is laughable.

Basically my advice is this:
Keep writing. Hard work matters just as much if not more than talent.
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