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Figured I should introduce myself and not just start barging around like I own the place.
I've been studying astrology more seriously for hm ~1 year or so,
but I'm a mystic/occultist through and through so have dabbled in it for perhaps a decade.
I am young though - about a quarter of a century.

My focus has been on traditional astrology.
Specifically medieval and Persian astrology.
But as of the last few months I have begun exploring Jyotish.
I imagine I will cycle back to medieval astrology later and combine what I know from both.

I'm still at a point where I'm honestly deciding how much truth I grant astrology as having.
I've seen enough to leave me interested, but not enough that I'm fully convinced of its usefulness yet.
But it is a vast subject and I blame myself for my limited knowledge more than anything else.
Because of that, I have less interest in "personal astrology"
and a far greater interest in mundane astrology (wars, natural disasters, epidemics and the markets)
where things are very concrete and yes or no (price of a stock either went up or down).
So far I've seen some interesting things in those areas,
but not enough to the point I could reliably place and predict things...
thus not enough I'm fully convinced of the absolute validity or at least usefulness of it.

i.e. recent eclipse of the moon occurred in a lunar mansion which concerns rain.
From that I would predict floods in various areas and as it so happened
there were floods about the same time and a few days afterwards in the news around the world.
But, I had no way that I knew to pinpoint the areas of the floods so even were that possible, it is completely useless to people.

(Despite how I sound above, I am actually very open minded and believe in many "woo-woo" things
but I have to gather my own evidence first and I am rather strict on myself and what I consider personal evidence)
Hey welcome Rawiri


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