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Smile Re: LEARN ASTROLOGY, Free Astrology Podcasts BY Farley Malorrus, Commercial Free

Thank you Oriel.
I always feel linked to the heart chakra's of all who "Get me" and what my web site is all about, "Enlightenment, Love, Caring, sharing, compassion, wisdom, peace, unity, oneness of God, Christ Consciousness, and of course open mindedness and the search for further truth. As humans brain capacity is so limited, there is always more truth to be learned and no bottom lines. That's what keeps me searching. Please add me on facebook, as friend if you are there."

and anyone else to read my 100% channeled blog and Reports on the World condition. Each message is so precious to me as I know I only relate to a 'fragment' of society; a very special group of ancients, luminaries, star children, and ascended Masters. Congratulations on understanding my topics. MUCH LOVE.
Farley Malorrus
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