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Re: LEARN ASTROLOGY, Free Astrology Podcasts BY Farley Malorrus, Commercial Free

Originally Posted by FARLEYMALORRUS View Post
Thank you so much. I feel only a "Fragment" of society can relate to, clearly meant for those whom have ascended in consciousness, have a true desire & Committment to learn Astrology, metaphysics, and Ascended or Christ Consciousness. MY utmost thanks for passing by and listening.
We enjoy being #1 when the words "ASTROLOGY RADIO" Or "RADIO ASTROLOGY" are searched on most engines now for almost 8 years.

Peace and love to all. No charge and No commercials on my archives..

Just giving something back.
Farley Malorrus
310-415-9222, subject ASTROLOGERS COMMUNITY

I should be the one thanking you more for giving out free informations. Actually the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the topic extra terrestrial souls was star seed souls.
That topic about special aspects is interesting as I have a trine,T square,kite and quincunx lol
I'm listening to your old topics one at a time and I just have to tell some friends about this
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