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Cool Re: I'm Farley Malorrus KFOX/KNTF/ABC7/CRN ASTROLOGER

Hello Maybe now,
Then you missed my 24hr prediction on the Kobe Quake exactly 1 year later, both predictions landed me on the late show..
Here's one of the shows with Grandpa Munster.

I didn't make my public prediction on 911, but I was up all night with a friend Herman Sheridan who was blown away when I told him that "Something would happen today that might change the World, and America." He called me at 9am and said, "Turn on your TV Farley, you were right, the World Trade Center just got hit, and the Pentagon." Kind of glad it wasn't public. Might have freaked too many folks out.
I'm nervous about HOOVER DAM as it's on the $50 bill just like the World Trade center crashes are shown on the $20 bill. With this Uranus Square Pluto, God help us all bro..or maam.
In any event, thanks for listening and I'm still on radio every day 24/7 on my website:, the #1 searched web site using the words Radio Astrology, or Astrology Radio out of millions of results, so very proud of that, as I'm easy to find on the Internet and about 700 shows and podcasts intact with my free EBOOK, all free no commercials, my way to give back to the Universe and all those who believed in me.
God bless. And thanks for the Post!
Farley Malorrus
310-415-9222, All donation go to support my web site, but none required because we are cool...but if someone wanted a session, they'd have to make a non profit donation. Peace.
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