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Re: Do cusps also apply to your moon and rising sign?

Originally Posted by astro.teacher View Post
I apologize for going off topic here but Arian, there is one method which I dont have on my website which can be used for finding the sign of the Ascendant. Its primarily used in Horary Astrology in an attempt to make sure the chart is fit to be judged but it works just as well for Nativities. To verify your Ascendant, you simply look to the place on your body that your Ascendant rules and if you have a mark (specifically a birth mark or a large mole) then you can be confident that your Ascendant is correct. This mark is the largest mark on your body. If your Ascendant is Aries for example, you will have a significantly sized mole or birthmark on your face or head (which may be hard to see because it can be under your hair, I believe (extreme) freckles are also considered for this mark as well). If it is Piscean the you will have that mark on your foot. Its fairly simple and used to make sure Horary chart Ascendants describe the Querent. I know you have expressed concern over your exact Ascendant prior to this so I thought I would mention this as it came to me. Try it and see if you can find that mark. Again, sorry for going off topic.
i realise this is an old thread, but it is very interesting.

Based on my own experience, I would say ascendant cusps definitely "count".

Regarding the birth marks (fascinating!), I have one just above my buttocks, at the base of my spine.

But I also have several (very small) moles all over my body, including one on my face.

What do you make of that?

P.S. I just checked: my main birth mark would correspond to Libra. Which is interesting because my rising sign's transits actually correspond to Libra ("officially" it is late Virgo).
I am still unsure about the possible meaning of the small moles on my body and face, though.
And what about those people who have many moles?

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