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Re: Do cusps also apply to your moon and rising sign?

Does the signifance of a mark refer specifically to a birth mark only or can it also refer to a scar received in life?
Scars I think are a different matter, but one of the Astrology books I offer on my website also goes on the scars of the body as well (especially if its a dog bite). But I think its mainly confined to birthmarks and moles. Try to really examine for that first.

I happen to know my Ascending sign but it doesn't comply with a small birth mark on the back of my lower right arm.... Gemini area?
Remember, I said the most SIGNIFICANT mark, meaning the largest mark you have on your body. Some people have multiple mars and moles and other Planets positions determine this (such as the placement of the Moon and the Lord of the Ascnedant as another). I suggest carefully analyzing the area of your body your Ascendant falls. You may also want to consider the sign before and after it as well to make sure. As far as scars though, Im not 100% because they are inflicted AFTER birth.

Fascinating. Well worth a thread of its own.
I agree, its quite a fasinating subject. I think its quite a clear vindication of Astrology all of itself.
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